Oppo Enco Air3 Pro True Wireless in Ear Earbuds with Industry First Composite Bamboo Fiber, 49dB ANC, 30H Playtime, 47ms Ultra Low Latency,Fast Charge,BT 5.3 (Green)

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  • Brand Oppo
    Model Name Air 3PRO
    Colour Green
    Form Factor In Ear
    Connectivity Technology Wireless


    • Industry first Composite Bamboo Fiber :Innovative use of bamboo fiber material to make the treble dome of the sound unit, which greatly improves the high-frequency delicate sense of hearing, and effectively suppresses distortion. Reproduce the details of real musical instruments with real plant fibers.It has 12.4 mm large dynamic driver which can move more air than a smaller one, making the listening experience more dynamic and exciting.
    • Flagship-grade 49 dB Active Noise Cancellation: The earbuds support a noise cancellation depth of up to 49 dB to cut out noises from various everyday life scenarios.Adaptive ANC, combined with a smart surrounding identification algorithm, can identify the audio scenarios/environments (home, office, or on the go) and automatically changes the levels of noise control to deliver increased comfort and prevent noise enhancement and noise floor issues.
    • Smart Bluetooth Connectivity : BT 5.3 ensures more stable and interference-free connectivity .The earbuds can be paired with two devices at the same time, saving you the hassle of having to disconnect Bluetooth from one device and reconnect to another one.
    • 47ms Ultra-low latency:Exclusive game mode, the headphone delay is as low as 47ms, allowing you to hear the wind and grass on the court at the first time; experience the immersive game and help you win easily .
    • Battery life :Oppo Air 3 pro Earbuds has Up to 30 hours of listening time,Charge for 10 minutes and listen for 2 hours
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    From the manufacturer

    Air3Pro Main KV
    Air3Pro Natural sound
    Air 3PRO ANC
    Oppo Surround Sound
    Oppo gaming Earbuds

    Additional information

    Weight 40 g
    Product Dimensions

    ‎6.6 x 5.1 x 2.5 cm; 40 Grams


    Green, Grey, White

    Item model number

    ‎ETE51 & ETE52

    Style Name

    Air 2 Pro, Air 3 Pro



    Compatible Devices

    ‎Cellphones, Tablets, Laptops







    Item Weight

    ‎40 g

    Country of Origin




    Date First Available



    Guangdong Oppo Mobile Telecommunications Corp, Ltd. NO.18, HAIBIN ROAD, WUSHA, CHANGAN, DONGUAN, GUANGDONG, China


    Oppo Mobiles India Private Limited 5th Floor, Tower-B, Building No. 8, DLF Cyber City, Gurugram, Haryana-122002, India

    Item Dimensions LxWxH

    6.6 x 5.1 x 2.5 Centimeters

    Net Quantity

    1 Count

    Included Components

    Charging Cable Type-C, User Manual, Eartip

    Generic Name



    ‎OPPO, ‎OPPO, OPPO, Guangdong Oppo Mobile Telecommunications Corp, Ltd. NO.18, HAIBIN ROAD, WUSHA, CHANGAN, DONGUAN, GUANGDONG, China

    10 reviews for Oppo Enco Air3 Pro True Wireless in Ear Earbuds with Industry First Composite Bamboo Fiber, 49dB ANC, 30H Playtime, 47ms Ultra Low Latency,Fast Charge,BT 5.3 (Green)

    Based on 10 reviews
    1. 10

      Shruti S.

      I used Oppo Enco X2 before I lost them and now shifted to these pair of earbuds. X2 was another level but I’ll try not to be biased. I’ll list out my points and you can judge on your own how air3 pro has performed.1. Design and comfort – they’re lightweight and very comfortable. Most of the times I don’t realise I’m wearing them.2. Battery backup – it’s good when LHDC, ANC and Hi-res are turned off (easily 5 hrs). But ANC, LHDC turned on I don’t think I’ve gotten more than 3-3.5 hrs. Hi-res mode bleeds the battery dry really fast so not recommended for long usage. I’m not completely satisfied with the battery life but provided it has such great sound quality, battery backup is going to suffer. Charging speed is okay. 10 mins quick charge didn’t give me 2 hrs when I was on a call (ANC off).3. ANC – It’s pretty average. Enough to drown out fan and other noises in the room but I can hear muffled sounds when someone is playing something on the phone or having low decibel conversations beside me. I’d say it’s not upto the mark in outside environments but good enough to work indoors.4. Sound quality – This is the best part. Sound quality is amazing, good bass that doesn’t bleed into the mids too much. Bass boost EQ mode is amazing. Hi-res mode turned on makes the music come alive. I’m really happy with the sound quality. Great for playing pop, hip hop and R&B. Decent for rock and metal.5. Transparency mode is great. That was one of the complaints I had from X2 but here they have done a good job here.6. Multipoint connectivity works flawlessly. I’ve tried phones, linux laptop and windows laptop. It has in-ear detection FYI.7. Call and mic quality – It performed okay in windy and noisy conditions. People have told me they hear a slight reverberation when I’m on a call. So not as great as they have advertised, just like the ANC.8. Tap gestures – they work well and are customisable. I like tap gestures because they’re faster than pinch ones in other earbuds. No accidental touches while I’m lying in the pillow with the earbuds on. But you’ll have to train yourself to only touch the stem of the earbud for doing any physical adjustments.One very annoying feature is that every time I switch from ANC to transparency (or vice-versa) I get the voice prompt of the switch made rather than a simple tone. They should remove this in future updates.Overall, it’s a feature packed pair of earbuds that tried to incorporate everything in a tight budget. It was a good attempt but besides the great sound quality, nothing stands out much. I really care about the sound quality so I got these. So if you’re someone who is looking for a little bit of everything in a budget, these are a great option. If you really care a lot about ANC and call quality, these won’t work for you. In fact, none of the earbuds would work in this price point. I’m still testing out the battery life because I see a lot of drainage (I’ll change my rating if it doesn’t perform well) but personally happy with the purchase till now because no earbuds give these many features at this price point.Edit 1: Changing my rating from 5 to 4 stars because of the battery life. I’m not sure these earbuds are that futureproof because battery drain problem only gets worse with time and usage.

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    2. 10


      I won’t waste your time.Ldac is amazing, with apple music loseless, it sounds 50% better than realme air 2 and 20% worse than my cca cra which is a really great feat for tws.Transparency mode doesn’t sound unnatural.ANC should theoretically by twice as good as realme air 2 (25 vs 50db) but in practical use it’s around 30% better on max mode.squeeze tws stem to switch to ANC is a really good addition.Update 2: There are some software bugs even though I’m using a bbk device. Like sometimes quality drops significantly and i have to reconnect and one time it played static at full voulme nearly killing my ears.update 3: I never listen to more than 25% voulme, but above 60% volume, there’s sound leak and person in front you can easily hear what you’re listening to.Will update mic quality later but in indoor use it seems to be the same as realme air 2.Seems comfortable but will update later. update 1: Realme air 2 are more comfortable apparentlyWhite colour looks good so I’ll recommend that.verdict: if you’re looking for “best sound quality” then buy kz iems they will be twice as good but won’t provide features like anc.if you want a tws only, this is probably the best under 5k.

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    3. 10

      Window Shopper

      Day 1 Review:Sound: A source of joy at higher volumes.Bass – Nicely done. Delivers deep and punchy bass. The sub-bass and low-end rumble are incomplete but sound clear.Mids – Clear vocals above 50% volume. It needs more amping to sound energetic. Sounds exquisite at 70% but the battery backup and long-term hearing then take a hit.Highs – Comfortable and well-wrapped. Hint of sibilance which can easily be worked out with the various software modes through the companion Hey Melody app. Not fatiguing.Tuning – Well balanced. They sound good right out of the box and sound better if tuned for a custom profile using the Golden-Sound feature. Similar to custom sound profile in few high-end smartphones which boost frequencies which the ears cannot perceive easily. You know these are tuned well when enabling Dolby Atmos does not add a lot to the experience, and readjusting EQ only takes away from its balanced sound quality while colouring the sound in a less-than-ideal manner.Comfort: Like a well-fitting glove.Easily wore these for 2 hours at a stretch with the smallest sized silicone ear tips. They are comfortable. While I don’t recommend these as sleep-earphones, can side-sleep while having them on without much discomfort. Glossy finish all the way.Battery: Mileage of a sportscar.Reducing a star for the unimpressive battery backup. When you make something sound good, the customer wants to listen to them for longer. It does not help when the battery drops from 70% to 20% in just 3 hours. ANC and LDAC accelerate the drop much more. Even with ANC on and AAC as the codec, the battery backup is unacceptably low. Not returning only because of the sound and comfortable fit. Frequent charging will be required.Software features: Jack of all trades.ANC works well and offers various levels including an adaptive mode. While not perfect or even the best, the personalized ANC does reduce ambient noise such that the listening experience is elevated. Touch controls are spot on and also customizable. Support for LDAC makes a noticeable difference when listening to HiRes audio source while massively sacrificing listening time. The joy is taken away when the earphones die while enjoying good quality music and you’re still only halfway through the day. Dual device pairing is an nifty feature.Value for money: Not at all.Another star taken away because these should not cost more than four thousand, given the competition has some great products. TWS from BBK’s other brands, Sony, Blaupunkt, LG and also a host of audiophile Chi-Fi brands with bluetooth DACs offer a better value proposition.In summary, these sound good, and they should at five grand. Recommended for music lovers who do not mind frequently charging their earphones.

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    4. 10

      Abhishek Bhattacharyya

      The media could not be loaded.

       I can only do justice if I compare this with my other TWS earphones (which I proudly owned but sadly also left behind at a hotel recently) and which I also consider the benchmark in the under Rs. 5k category at least till July 2023 : My dark blue coloured Realme Buds Air 3. It had great ANC, simultaneous 2 device connection, etc etc. These earphones also offer all this and more. I bought this because I needed good ANC and this was the only logical choice. It is only my second day with this and I think I have not made any mistake by buying this.Pros:a) Noise cancellation is a better than Realme buds air 3.b) However, what takes the cake is the call quality which is much much much better than the Realme TWS, on all 3 fronts – regular phone call and WhatsApp audio call as well as WhatsApp video call. This is the clincher. Maybe because of the bigger drivers? I don’t know, I am no audiophile otherwise I would be using Apple AirPods with my iPhone 13 and not these Rs. 5k earbuds.c) The surround sound type feature in the Hey Melody app is awesome. Real stereo effect. Loving it.d) The case looks like my Realme Buds Air 3 case, easy to slip in even inside a jeans pocket. Very nifty. Has a semi transparent cap and that looks pretty good.e) You can open and close the case with one hand. The Land R are visible prominently as well. Battery life is good, I haven’t charged it since receiving the product yesterday but have used it quite a bit and it is still going strong!Cons:a) A price of Rs. 5000 is still high and just plain greedy by Oppo. A price tag of Rs. 4000 would have been more apt, but well, they are skimming the market because the nearest competition is more than one year old Realme Buds air 3 (which is still the best product after this pair even today).b) Why no black or blue or red options? What is this fascination with pudine ki chatni green? I bought white because it would look a little awkward to use pudina flavoured earphone at my workplace. Not exactly corporate!c)The white coloured pair Looks like a copy of the Apple AirPods from a distance (Maybe some people will call this a Pro and not a Con). Sudhar jaao China waalon!d) My Realme TWS felt a little lighter (although this too is very light) and fit slightly better too. But this is something about your ear getting used too. Happens with every new TWS. I have had super heavy Lenovo and Boat TWS without complaining in the years before. It is just that Realme Buds air 3 has spoiled me over the last year.Immaterial features:a) Game mode? What nonsense, no serious gamer uses Bluetooth based earphones.b) latency, bamboo, and what not: How do I care? The sound should be good, Period. Bamboo products should be cheaper!There you go. Tried to write a very real review. Hope this helps you make a decision. All the best!

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    5. 10


      Good sound and features in this price segment

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    6. 10

      Vikas Pahadia

      Overall nice but it look like cream powder box

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    7. 10

      vaibhav srivastava

      This justifies its price point as per the features and the sound quality.. Anc is good as per the budget ear buds.. Fitting is fantastic in ear ( this can variable as per the individual but it’s good in most cases). Enco has a great stage. Vocals are crisp and clear.. Bass boost works really well as it’s punchy you will feel the change as per the setting which is very well balanced.. Connectivity is good.. Look is really premium.Just go for it. It’s the best you can have in 5k and surely it’s better than many other which are costing 1k-2k more in this range.

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    8. 10

      Shoaib Konnur

      Cool TWS

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    9. 10

      Nirmal Hari

      Audio quality is good and anc is okayLooks like a premium oneLot of featuresOppo enco air 2 pro was also good and so many people really appreciated the features oppo displays for such budgeted priceAir 3 pro is clearly an upgrade and of course there is not much hype regarding this one but the features will make you fall in love with thisConclusion I am very much satisfied with this product and I will suggest to give it a try

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    10. 10

      Om Jadhav

      This tws are just awesome,I used many tws but none them are no close to these ones, The ANC works really good ,The sound tunning is just excellent. Battery is quite nice,All the features The LDAC hd sound everything is just too good 👍🏻

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    Q & A

    What colour is the earbuds?? Description says white but picture shows green? And what is the return policy? Avinash asked on August 15, 2023

    its a green color, 7 days Service Centre Replacement with 1 Year Warranty this products.

    OnMartIndia answered on August 15, 2023 store manager
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    Oppo Enco Air3 Pro True Wireless in Ear Earbuds with Industry First Composite Bamboo Fiber, 49dB ANC, 30H Playtime, 47ms Ultra Low Latency,Fast Charge,BT 5.3 (Green)

    Oppo Enco Air3 Pro True Wireless in Ear Earbuds with Industry First Composite Bamboo Fiber, 49dB ANC, 30H Playtime, 47ms Ultra Low Latency,Fast Charge,BT 5.3 (Green)

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