Xiaomi REDMI Wired High Definition in-Ear Earphones with in-Built HD Mic, Hi-Res Audio Certified, 10 mm Driver, Metal Sound

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  • Brand Xiaomi
    Model Name Redmi Earphones
    Colour Red
    Form Factor In Ear
    Connectivity Technology Wired


    • Hi-Res Audio:  Certified by Japan Audio Society for “ Hi-Res Audio”, the Redmi Earphones give you a complete and very accurate sound quality that brings life to your music experience.
    • Aluminum alloy sound chamber with precisely structured 10mm dynamic drivers to deliver strong bass, full vocals & good treble performance. Water Resistant : NoFoldable/Collapsible :Yes
    • In-built HD microphone: High definition wire-controlled microphone for clear & stable call quality
    • Y shaped flexible cable: Redmi earphones sports a 1.25m strong & flexible cable , comfortable for listening music with the portable devices.
    • Multi-function button: Play/pause music, Answer/end call function made easy with a simple press of the multifunction button
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    From the manufacturer

    Redmi Eaphone
    Redmi Earphone
    Redmi Earphone
    Redmi Earphone
    Redmi Earphone


    Additional information





    Model Name

    ‎Redmi Earphones

    Item model number


    Hardware Platform

    ‎Laptop, Smartphone

    Special features


    Mounting Hardware

    ‎Earphones 1U, User Manual 1U,Eartips 6U(2S,2M,2L)

    Number of items


    Microphone format


    Headphones form factor

    ‎In Ear

    Batteries Required


    Connector Type




    Form factor



    ‎RISUN Vietnam Company Limited, ‎RISUN Vietnam Company Limited, RISUN Vietnam Company Limited, Lot CN05, Van Trung Industrial Park, Vietyen District, Bac Giang – 230000, Vietnam

    Country of Origin


    Imported By

    ‎Tiinlab Acoustic Technology India Private Limited

    Item Weight

    ‎13 g

    Date First Available

    11 August 2020


    RISUN Vietnam Company Limited, Lot CN05, Van Trung Industrial Park, Vietyen District, Bac Giang – 230000, Vietnam


    Tiinlab Acoustic Technology India Private Limited

    Item Dimensions LxWxH

    125 Centimeters

    Net Quantity

    1 Count

    Generic Name


    Reviews (43)

    43 reviews for Xiaomi REDMI Wired High Definition in-Ear Earphones with in-Built HD Mic, Hi-Res Audio Certified, 10 mm Driver, Metal Sound

    Based on 43 reviews
    1. 43



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    2. 43


      Very nice

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    3. 43


      look good and sound like mid class audio not like rich class audio quality

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    4. 43


      Nice wired earphones for talking and listen music.

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    5. 43

      Rami reddy

      Good product 👍 as special redmi Equalizer setings are enhanced the sound equality. To produce deep bass.clear vocals.

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    6. 43

      Sumit S

      The quality of the product is good alsoo the durability and the sound quality is just good which is 8/10. Bass is very well managed

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    7. 43

      Amandeep Singh Randhawa

      sound quality is good but bass is not up to the mark

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    8. 43

      murugesh selvam mariappan

      Very good quality earphones, excellent color, it feels large in ur as ear buds very large in size

      (0) (0)
    9. 43


      Very nice product……if you Xiaomi phones then definitely i prefer you to buy this product…. nice output….very nice experience

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    10. 43

      anurag dutta

      (0) (0)
    11. 43


      Sound quality is to poor please not purchase this earphone

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    12. 43

      Headphone not audible from 3 month

      Product was stop working in 3 month

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    13. 43



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    14. 43



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    15. 43

      Hitesh Makwana

      Very Good Redmi Earphones…👍

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    16. 43


      Well, this review is coming from a qualified audio engineer. I bought this and got what I was expecting from a cheap set of earphones with lot of hype around the quality that it offers. So anyone who is not a purist or an audiofile, can definitely go for it. Best would be to keep your EQ flat and suspend all other sound enhancements on your device. Dolby Atmos modes work quite well though for movies.Ok, now the sour truth abiut quality if you care. Come on guys, this earphone says it is high res certified. But I could tell right away, the quality which I was expecting (being greedy and stingy) from a high res audio capable earphones, was way so much more than what this had to offer. Again, I am happy that whatever I could get is not to regret because the price I paid is way too much less to get that quality in return. The high frequency in briliance part of the spectrum is just a little disappointing. Low mids are a tad too tinny sounding. Extreme lows are impressive though and anything below 50Hz does make the diaphragms make some noise, which sounds like distortion in music. I think prolonged listening to low bass at high volumes will shorten the life of the earohones because of overheating of thise tiny voice coils. So try and avoid extremely bass boosted tracks at high volumes.Vocals are not full, and sounds a little hollow, cross talks with low mids and high mids.Dynamic range handling is good.Cable with silicon finish when hitting your body while you wear this and walk does transfer vibrations to your ears. But if you are not moving, the sound is just fine. Passive noise cancellation is decent enough.All in all, the price is justified for the quality. I would surely recommend this product for day to day average music listening and casual video watching on smartphones. This will not disappoint you. But if you are an audio professional, well I need not say it but we all know, quality never comes cheap!For HD phone calls, this mic and earphone is just great!Good luck!

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    17. 43

      Talat pravin

      Good quality sound. If u r looking for medium price range. U may go for it. It will not disappoint you. Btw Good in this price

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    18. 43


      Sound quality is good. Bass is littlebit low.

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    19. 43


      Well the earphones from MI have always been worked fine for me as I bought every model from the offerings. I personally use Mi dual driver for the last 2 years and they’re working absolutely fine. Coming to this product, it was a downgrade which is expected at this price. Take a look at this to understand better-Built quality ⭐⭐⭐⭐Mic quality ⭐⭐⭐⭐Bass ⭐⭐⭐Vocals ⭐⭐⭐Clarity ⭐⭐⭐Noise cancellation ⭐⭐⭐Overall ⭐⭐⭐⭐Hope Mi continues to provide an upgraded version of these earphones

      (0) (0)
    20. 43

      Sayani Baidya


      (0) (0)
    21. 43

      Narendra Verma

      For the normal user good product

      (0) (0)
    22. 43

      mario gonsalves

      the colour is blue but i have braided my earphones so that they don’t break. overall the product is very good and one can go for it

      (0) (0)
    23. 43


      Good quality

      (0) (0)
    24. 43


      Boat bassheads and mi basic are better overall options at same price . Pretty flimsy build

      (0) (0)
    25. 43

      Sivadasan. V.

      As it have a high res audio certificate it provides better sound clarity and bass. The earbuds are slightly larger than the other earphones so if you have a small ear then you should choose another earphones. It is value for money and this earphone is the best earphone which you can buy under ₹400. I bought it before 2 years and it still doesn’t have any single problem . Good earphone to purchase for people having normal or big ears.

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    26. 43


      Good quality

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    27. 43



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    28. 43

      Priyanka Chatterjee

      I had bought this product during lockdown in 2020..and it is still working great. No issues yet..❤️ I record my online classes using this earphones.. I even record my youtube videos using this earphone, and they are just amazing. No issues found, and very good quality.

      (0) (0)
    29. 43

      dona chaudhuri

      Excellent product. Looks same as the picture.

      (0) (0)
    30. 43


      Great quality. Sound experience is too good. Value for money.

      (0) (0)
    31. 43

      Prajwal Pande

      If you use it for a single device.. It is good… But don’t switch it between devices

      (0) (0)
    32. 43

      Sankar Yuvan

      I am using this earphone for more than 3 years. This is the second time i am purchasing this earphone. amazing build, sound and bass quality. No other brands available for this price and quality.

      (0) (0)
    33. 43

      sukhjivan singh

      good base quality

      (0) (0)
    34. 43

      sourav s.

      Well as per company said it’s HIRes i didnt saw anything unusual than other earphones the sound is on the bassier side vocals are pretty low, well i tried on my sony walkman NWA55 and FLAC lossless songs this would be great for mobile users but as a music enthusiast you should look for something else, for this price point what can you expect

      (0) (0)
    35. 43

      Devendra Singh


      (0) (0)
    36. 43

      Austin M.

      These are high resolution, so not for bass lovers. Also struggle is real to keep them in ear as they tend to slip every now-and-then on any size of eartips.

      (0) (0)
    37. 43


      DISCLAIMER: THIS IS PURCHASED BY ME I AM NOT PAID PROMOTION. THIS REVIEW IS RAW AND REAL.I must say this is an epic earphone in my point of view. The main plus point is sound quality which is absolutely GREAT SATISFACTION.The wire length is best enough it goes from my ear to beloelw my knee. Ps I am not Lilliput 😆The only drawback is that it is only one press button that is you can only play pause or call connect or disconnect.Talk about magnet it doesn’t have.The earphone doesn’t tilted means it is straight in ear earphone which is helpful for those who doesn’t see which one is left and right.For music lovers likelove songs like maula mere from movie anvarKuch kuch hota hai from kuch kuch hota hai.👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌Calm music or desh bhakti 😆Khwaja mere Khwaja from jodha akbarBhardo jholi meri from bajrangi bhaijaanYeh jo desh hai tera from Swades ( in hardly 15 seconds I got GOOSEBUMPS)For bass lovers it is blindly recommendThe bass is like make you dance like DJ nightFor test go on YouTube and search for dj nyk and play Summer 2021.The sound is to good as said earlierThe whole earphone weight is 13 grams I tested.The earphone is light and you can wear it for days literally…Let’s talk about gaming I play BGMI the sound is well there also and it is wired so latency is killed not an issue.Call also good.It is L shaped connector which is great and gold plated which create good sound in earphone.I think this review is more helpful for guide.I am purely satisfied from this earphone

      (0) (0)
    38. 43

      Tirupati r.

      Good durable+ woking well

      (0) (0)
    39. 43


      Best earphones in all format under 400. Highly recommended to buy long wire 100% noise cancellation, Clear sound quality

      (0) (0)
    40. 43


      Won’t fit will everyone .Sound quality is average only. Not that good.It gives pain to the ears. “Don’t waste your money! “

      (0) (0)
    41. 43

      Kuldeep Maurya

      Good sound quality and comfortable earbuds and microphone is awesome 👍

      (0) (0)
    42. 43


      I am using it since 20 daysProduct looks good and worthy

      (0) (0)
    43. 43


      Starting with build quality. Pretty solid. Aluminum casing is very rigid and wires are pretty robust ( but not as braided or strong as some Boat earphones, still good). Media Button is good and solid. Jack is pretty good , angled and reinforced.Now the thing is ,I prefer adequate quality and comfort and they have those hard rubber ear plugs which are personally uncomfortable.(Mi Basic has those soft rubber plugs if u know what I mean). Bass is wayy too heavy like it feels very over done. HIGHS are way increased , due to which MIDS and LOWS are suppressed. Like over-all it didn’t felt that good. Electronic Music felt fine but since bass was heavy , all those songs felt that there was unnecessary/over done bass. In Rock/Contemporary Music it felt that vocals, and again , Mids and Lows were decreased somehow, ruining the experience as a result.I was initially looking up for a replacement for my JBL C50 , but as it turns out , they’re better than these in every aspect , like personally.This is my personal opinion. Might vary for u.I returned them the next day bcz they became unbearable and uncomfortable for me. Also I couldn’t wear them for very long , bcz again, uncomfortable.Instead of this I’ll suggest either go with Mi Basic (they’re superb) or JBL C50 or C100 or something from Boat(150 or 212 or something)

      (0) (0)

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